Community Gardens and Food Access

Feed Communities is proudly partnered with  The Office of Community Health and Research at UAMS Northwest in an effort to increase access to healthy foods in our community. Together, we are working on a 3 year grant funded by the CDC that focuses on creating community linkages in the Marshallese and Hispanic communities in Northwest Arkansas. The overall objective of this grant is to increase access to chronic disease prevention and management services and increase access to healthy foods. Feed Communities contributes to this work with the following programs:

Community and Church Gardens

Feed Communities works to help churches and schools within Marshallese and Hispanic communities in Northwest Arkansas establish gardens in an effort to increase access to healthy foods. By the end of 2016, we will have assisted in the development and maintence of 19 church gardens and 4 school gardens. These gardens not only serve as a mechanism to teach community members gardening skills, but also create linkages within communities and can help prevent chronic diseases. To find out more about our church and community garden program, contact Adam.

Food Pantry and Community Meal Programs

Feed Communities is partnered with local food pantries and meal programs in an effort to increase the amount of healthy foods they are able to provide their clients. Every day, hundreds of people rely on food pantries in NWA to provide food for their families. While essential, most food pantries supply shelf-stable food items that are often lacking in nutrients. By increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables and decreasing the amount of sodium or sugar packed processed foods at these programs, we can go a long way in helping increase overall health and wellness in our community. To find out more about our food access outreach, contact Adam.