Healthy Cooking Class with Lifestyles Inc.

Feed Communities is partnered with Lifestyles Inc. for weekly cooking classes with a handful of their clients. Lifestyles Inc. is an organization dedicated to providing quality services and education for individuals with disabilities. Feed Communities has worked with Lifestyles for three years, preparing healthy, vegetarian recipes with their clients. 

The class participants range in abilities, so Feed Communities strives to create a curriculum that not only includes basic recipes, but also kitchen skills and comfortability as well. We work on knife and stove skills. In addition, nutritional facts are shared and healthy food choices are encouraged. Every Monday, the class spends an hour and a half cooking, and then gets to try the meals they prepared. At the end of the course, each participant receives a cookbook of the recipes prepared over the six-weeks.

Volunteer with us! We could always use friendly volunteers who enjoy working teaching healthy cooking skills. If you are interested in helping with Lifestyles cooking classes, contact Ken

Support us monetarily. Our Lifestyles programming is run from the generosity of our donors. Please consider making a monetary donation to support purchasing of cooking supplies. Click here to make a donation today!