To alleviate hunger and increase 

healthy food access by cultivating

sustainable food networks.

Fresh & Local Food Drive Fundraiser

Donations to our Fresh & Local Food Drive help support fresh food deliveries to families in need throughout Northwest Arkansas. This initiative is in partnership with our wonderful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) friends at NWA Local Harvest.
Donations in the amount of $200 and $400, will contribute to 8 weeks and 16 weeks of fresh food deliveries, respectively. Any donation amount will go a long way and be greatly appreciated!

Get Involved in Our Programs

Our programs support every part of the local food network, from producer to markets to meal programs to consumers.

Your Donations Make a Difference!


Did you know Arkansas ranks #2 in the nation in hunger, and almost 1 out of 5 Arkansas households are food insecure? Our vision is to eliminate hunger and provide adequate food access for all, but we need YOUR help! Our programs are made possible through donations from community supporters like you. Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation. Your contributions  support initiatives such as:


$25 supports all the supplies needed for one healthy cooking class.

$100 supports all the materials needed for a raised garden bed for four gardeners in one of our Community Gardens.

$250 helps repair gardening tools such as tillers, weed eaters, etc.

$1,000 supports the gleaning and delivery of 100,000 pounds of produce to partners like Head Start, Yvonne Richardson and others.